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About Us

Stage To Sell Tampa Bay started when four stay at home and working moms came together over their love of design and the need for a new adventure. In just four short days we pitched an idea, accepted a design challenge, purchased everything we needed and staged our very first home!

Talk about a dream becoming a reality in a very short time. We wouldn't have had it any other way! With all the amazing positive feedback we decided to run with it and start helping others stage their homes for quick and easy selling.
We want to welcome you to the Staged To Sell family. Where you will have our complete dedication to your project, big or small. Have a vacant home? We got that! Home been sitting on the market? Watch us work! Want to envision a new space in a way you never imagined? Prepare to be blown away!
With the exploding home market in Tampa Bay and our love for all things design and home, this is a dream come true for us. Let our dream solve all of your staging needs.
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